Can I just tell you that I've been going to downtown Lansing for many years. One of the biggest reasons is Kositchek's clothing store because they have everything I'm looking for in men's clothes.

According to WILX, Kositchek's is offering free parking to its customers after the city recently changed its parking system.

Can you believe it, Kositchek's says they will pay for any customer's parking when they stop into their downtown Lansing location.

Now to accommodate this change, the menswear shop is asking customers to give their license plate and zone number to the store's front desk, that way their parking will be paid for during this transitional period.

So this is another good reason why you should go to downtown Lansing to do more shopping for yourself and for your family.

I think the last time I did any shopping at Kositchek's, I walked out with several suits, shirts, and ties. Now I can park for free, thanks to Kositchek's.

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