This caught my eye when leaving a shopping plaza along Saginaw Highway near South Mall Drive - that's over 25, by my count, brown and rotting banana peels.

Let's look on the bright side first. This is someone who is not hurting for potassium. This rotten banana peel grove shows a true dedication to eating fruit.

But the decaying peels sure do make for a bit of an eyesore, and probably a bit of a smell if you got close enough. But is throwing away banana peels actually littering?

The argument could be made that banana peels (like apple cores or any other food waste) would be biodegradable and therefore not the same as throwing out other pieces of trash.

It turns out this conversation has come up several times online. We found discussions from Texas to Florida discussing this very topic. The common answer seems to be that, yes, even biodegradable food waste would be considered littering.

So how about Michigan? Michigan does have littering laws on the books and it's considered a civil infraction and smaller amounts of litter (less than a cubic foot) could cost the litterer up to $800 in fines.

So c'mon man, find a trash can. Don't forget what you probably heard as a kid, "Don't be a litterbug."


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