First and foremost, it's been a very difficult year for most restaurants and restaurant owners.  Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants have closed their doors for good and others are braving the storm for better days to come.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Restaurants, by and large, are seeing increased volume, even if profits still lag.  They're flooded with takeout orders--a pandemic habit folks in the business believe might last.  People are beginning to dine in again, too.  Scheduling has been a dance for a while as employees have to quarantine at a moment's notice.  Now, demand is also pushing staffs to the point of exhaustion.

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Restaurants are doing their best these days to keep their businesses running smoothly.  But to be quite honest, that's not what's happening.

Many local restaurants are down in numbers and that's because of closing down for such long periods of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I'm good friends with one of the managers at Pizza House in East Lansing and he tells me all about the ups and downs that are going on in the restaurant business.  In fact, many restaurants are looking for extra help by hiring more and more people every week.

The Lansing State Journal adds:

In an industry with razor-thin margins in the best of times, the restaurants, bars, breweries, bakeries and coffee shops that have survived this long have endured largely by refusing to go under, by the grace of loyal customers, federal loans and local grants, by getting creative or reinventing themselves, by cutting costs to levels once unfathomable and by telling themselves whatever they need to hear.

We wish nothing but the best for all restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, bars, and breweries in the near future.

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