Things are beginning to look up at the bowling alley. Two weeks ago I bowled the worst game of my life, a measly 98 game. (that's horrible)

I bowled that horrible game at Royal Scot Golf and Bowl on West Grand River in Lansing during the all city tournament. I was completely embarrassed.

During that nightmare of a game, I only had one mark and that was in the 7th frame. That means I opened in every other frame of that game for a huge 98 game.

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Hey listen, I'm not the only one who has bowled a really bad game. Check out the video below of professional bowler by the name of Tom Daugherty who barely hit 100!


But now I'm happy to say I finally turned the bowling game around by bowling a whopping 250 game at Spare Time Entertainment Center in Lansing.

I must of had a least eight or nine strikes in that game. I'm not sure because I decided not to look at the score. Maybe that was the secret to bowling a much better game, don't look at the score board.

My wife and I bowl on the same league every Tuesday night at Spare Time. My wife Lori bowled a 225 game when I bowled my 250 game.

The best part of the night for me is that I bowled two more 200 plus games. I bowled a 203 and a 215 game and ended up with a 668 series.

By far those were my best games and my best series for the entire bowling season this year. Our bowling league ends in two weeks and then it's time to shift gears and start playing some golf.

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