The world may have been shocked (well, sort of) to hear that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom called it quits on their four year marriage ... but Odom knew it was coming.

Kardashian was said to have signed divorce papers a while ago but waited to file until just this past Friday (Dec. 13).

"Lamar expected this," a source close to Odom told Us Weekly. "He's fine with it. He just wants it over swiftly and smoothly now. He's had time to come to terms with it."

Meanwhile, TMZ sources say Odom isn't taking it quite that well, and that he harbors a bit of animosity toward Kardashian. "I can't be f---in' with Khloe," Odom is quoted as saying. "She brings out the bad side of me."

Odom also blamed his own pals for their relationship drama, saying that they're "supporting me the wrong way by bringing girls around." Uh, you do have a choice to keep it in your pants, bub. In any case, Odom is telling pals he needs to get married again -- to his basketball career.

Here's hoping his work can keep him cleaner than his wife could.