Oh, come on! REALLY?

Yeah, that’s the baloney we’re being told…there’s an area in Lake Michigan where planes, boats and ships have mysteriously disappeared or sank. The Atlas Obscura website says "few areas in the world have a reputation for the bizarre like the Lake Michigan Triangle.....it has as storied a history of the unexplained as any place on earth."

Where IS this paranormal triangle? It’s points are Ludington, Benton Harbor and across to Manitowoc, Wisconsin (SEE PHOTO ABOVE). That's a mighty big triangle.

According to atlasobscura.com, “The mystery began in 1891, when a schooner named the Thomas Hume set off across the Lake to pick up lumber. Almost overnight in a torrent of wind, the Thomas Hume disappeared along with its crew of seven sailors. The wooden boat was never found, and extensive search failed to recover even a piece of driftwood.”


Then, there's the 1921 case of the Rosa Belle: eleven people disappeared and their ship was found upside-down, floating on the lake. Even though the ship looked like something smashed into it, there were no accident reports made by any other vessel.....and no bodies were ever found.

Since then, several other occurrences have happened and people report feeling a sense of uneasiness and dread when they navigate the area.

I'm sure there have been MANY accidents, wrecks, etc. on Lake Michigan, but to blame it on some paranormal triangle? Have you ever heard of this? It’s news to me!

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Anyone up for a cruise?

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