Scientists are believing that giant sinkholes at the bottom of Lake Huron are adding more water to this Great Lake.

Some of these giant sinkholes are reported to be over 300 feet wide and 60 feet deep. According to scientist Steve Ruberg, “Even an inch of extra water in the lakes can make a difference for the shipping industry and other businesses — especially during years when water levels are low”.

Discovered at the floor of sinkholes are living micro-organisms, existing in these sinkholes for thousands of years, ever since the glaciers melted. Along with the high level of sulfate and little oxygen, the organisms make the sinkhole floor appear green, purple, and white.

So what causes these underwater sinkholes? A mix of chemicals from limestone and underground water are believed to have dissolved holes into the bedrock of the lake. Dozens of these Lake Huron sinkholes have been found.

Take a look at some photos below of these Lake Huron sinkholes, both above-ground and on the lake bottom!

Now to discover sinkholes in the other Great Lakes...Lake Michigan is a prime choice.

Also take a look at this giant sinkhole near Alpena.....and some underwater sinkhole fishing!



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