Kool-Aid was created in the 1920's by inventor Edwin Perkins. But did you know he experimented with other uses for that powdered soft drink?

One of those ways was a bottled soda pop version, which was bottled in various cities around the country - including Lansing. I understand the old Lansing Kool-Aid bottling plant was on Shiawassee, on the left side of the river near the park.....and since torn down.

Does anyone have any pictures of this Kool-Aid bottling plant? Would sure love to see some.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of those old Kool-Aid soda pop bottles, which were manufactured in 1940 (date was on the bottom). I understand these bottles were produced from the late 1930's 'til the late 1950's....note the bottle on the right that mentions "Kool-Aid Bottling, Lansing, Mi."