Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It seems to be getting a bit crowded at the Ingham County animal shelter, one of those reasons is the fact that it is kitten season.l

The shelter is holding an event this weekend  'The Meow Lauau".  They will be offering discounted cat and kitten adoptions.  Kittens six months and younger are $20, and cats over 6 months are $10.  Please help them in clearing out the shelters by helping this kitties find their forever homes.l   I have 3 cats all of them are shelter cats and they are my loves.

The Meow Luau is happening July 16th through July 22nd at the Ingham County Animal Shelter and also at the Frandor shopping center this weekend.

If you have room in your home and especially in your heart for a new fur buddy, pleased check out the kittens and cats that are desperately looking for homes.  I can't imagine life without my cats between them and our rescue dog someone is always happy to see me when I get home (teenagers usually are not).

Any questions contact  Ingham County animal control.

Animals give unconditional love, something that is so wonderful to experience everyday.

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