Here is one of Michigan's secret hideaways: the Kitch-iti-kipi springs near Manistique. It's Michigan’s largest freshwater springs, pumpin' out 10,000 gallons of water per minute! The photo gallery below includes some underwater pictures, with a couple showing the turbulence of the springs at the bottom.

The early Native Americans called this place the "Mirror of Heaven" thanks to it's crystal clear waters and reflective qualities. The bottom of this spring is emerald green and is a sight to see, with HUNDREDS of fish in plain sight.

When you visit, there is a self-operating raft you can use to head into the center of the spring for a decent look and great photos. This is one Michigan place you should really go see: so beautiful, you may not wanna go home. The gallery also shows you exactly where it's located, hidden among the dense woods in the Palms Book State Park..but EASY to get to.


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