Kentucky Fried Chicken is finger licking good! I've been going to KFC ever since grade school, simply because their food is delicious.

So now, after all of these years, KFC is continuing to test its plant based chicken.

Months after the chicken chain sold out of the new Beyond Fried Chicken at one Atlanta restaurant in less than five hours, it's expanding the test to more than 70 locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee, and surrounding areas.

The expanded test starts Feb. 3 and will be available through Feb. 23, or while supplies last.

The meat alternative is available in four to 12 pieces a la carte or as a combo and with a dipping sauce.

Over the last two years, the demand for plant based products has been growing as more people want to reduce meat consumption due to health concerns.

With the Atlanta one day test, KFC said customers lined up hours before the restaurant opened and cars double wrapped around the drive thru and down the block. Here's more from USA Today.

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