If you're not a meat eater, than you probably have a hard time finding something on a fast food menu that you can eat.  If you LOVE meat.....then ....no problem.  In face a lot of restaurants are stacking more meat into their sandwiches, in some cases three different types of meat.

KFC  is doing the opposite in hopes of getting vegetarian's and Vegan's into their restaurant.  The Colonel is planning on introducing a vegetarian fried chicken sandwich.  Okay, so you are probably think that sounds a bit far fetched, but KFC assures everyone that it will still use the chain's signature 11- spice blend.

Once the sandwich comes out it will be the first fried faux meat sandwich to appear on a major fast food chain's menu.

The original testing of the vegetarian sandwich will be in the UK later this year, and after that the company plans to launch it more widely through out next year.

No hints about the veggie chicken sandwich, KFC says "development of the recipe is still in its very early stages", guessing that means top secret.

KFC says this is part of their long-term effort to make their offerings healthier.

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