Yes, yes the Emmys are about awarding the best in television for the past year. Yes yes, it was lovely to see wins for Brett Goldstein for Ted Lasso, his speech was very funny. That was great. And yes, The White Lotus is a fine show, although we are confused why it is in the Best Limited Series category if they’re making a second series. Maybe someone can explain that to us

But let’s be honest. When we remember this year’s Emmys, we’re not going to remember any of that. Like, none of it. At all. We’re going to remember the surprise reunion of this year’s Emmys host Kenan Thompson with his old onscreen partner, Kel Mitchell.

Mitchell’s surprise appearance occurred at the end of a solid comedy sketch where Kumail Nanjiani had been declared the “honorary” bartender at this year’s Emmys, but was struggling to make any drinks. Thompson then asked a guy at the bar what he wanted to drink and you’ll never guess who it was. And you’ll never guess what he asked for.

(Actually, if you came to watch this clip, you almost certainly will guess who it was and what he asked for. But let’s watch it anyway.)

Thompson and Mitchell co-starred on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That as well as the sitcom Kenan & Kel. They also starred together in the 1997 movie Good Burger, which was based on an All That sketch.

If Kenan and Kel hanging out together gets you hungry for more nostalgia in addition to good burgers, here’s one of their old sketches to enjoy all over again:

You can see all of this year’s Emmy winners and the full list of nominees here.

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