I remember having toy kaleidoscopes when I was a kid...and now there's a HUGE one here in Michigan for all to see...in the small southern Michigan town of Three Oaks.

This 11-foot kaleidoscope has moving parts, flashing lights, spinning panels, psychedelic colors...everything a kaleidoscope should have. It was built by William Anderson in 2012 specifically for the Grand Rapids Art Prize Competition and ultimately moved to Three Oaks the following year.

It's a nifty little Roadside Michigan oddity you may wanna check out when you're down in that area. It's located in downtown Three Oaks at 105 N. Elm Street, north of Maple Street.

Add this as a little sidestop to your Michigan roadtrip, check it out, take some pictures, then on with your journey...you'll get a kick out of it!

Wow, man...the colors....

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