A local group of young basketball players and their coaches were out helping their community after the snowstorm.

On Wednesday, February 2nd, Southwest Michigan got nailed with a huge snowstorm.  12 inches of snow accumulated at a rapid pace in Kalamazoo.  A local organization called B.E.A.T. The Odds saw this as an opportunity to help the community.  First of all, what is B.E.A.T. The Odds?  The "B.E.A.T." stands for: Believe Exceed Achieve Together.  Here's how they describe themselves in the about me section of their Facebook page,

B.E.A.T The Odds is an organization that develops and empowers youth and young adults to reach their full potential through, Education, Social-Emotional learning, Community engagement and Athletics.

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Instead of running drills at basketball practice or hitting the gym, these teens and their coaches hit the streets with shovels.  On a bitterly cold and snowy Thursday, this group of good samaritans cleared out around a dozen driveways for elderly Kalamazoo residents for free.

This is an incredible example of the "Wax on, Wax off" way of thinking from the 80's movie Karate Kid.  The young athletes are accomplishing two things at once.  They're doing something amazing for their community, while also getting an amazing workout.  Think about how you feel after shoveling one driveway.  These kids did nearly a dozen together.  Many residents were posting pictures and videos on social media of this group of teens and their coaches out warming hearts in the cold weather.

We send nothing but gratitude and respect for your hard work, B.E.A.T. The Odds.  It's great to see someone doing good in the community.


If you know of someone doing good in our neighborhood, let us know in the comments.

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