When Nike  decided to take on Colin Kaepernick and use him in a controversial advertising campaign, it was definitionally a love or hate thing with the former Quarterback.

A little background, if you don’t know Kapernick started kneeling during the national anthem before games to protest racial injustice.  Many football fans around the country took this move as disrespectful to the America flag, and things only got more heated as more players on different teams started following his lead and took a knee.

Colin Kaepernick soon became the face behind a movement and ended up losing his job.   Along came Nike, who's consumer base skews younger, soon Kaepernick items were selling out.

Nike shares have surged 36 percent on the year, and the Kaepernick  campaign added nearly six billion dollars to the company's market value.

An ad executive said that people vote with their wallet, and the one clear winner in athletic apparel remains Nike, and their ability to keep rolling out 'must-have'  products.

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