July is national ice cream month which gives me the excuse to eat more ice cream.  We all love ice cream and I have to tell you that my favorite is chocolate chip ice cream.

My wife, Lori and I try to walk every night for at least 1 mile.  After we finish walking, we take a trip over to Cone Zone in Haslett and order our favorite ice cream treat.  We both love soft serve ice cream and that's exactly what they serve.

Sometimes I'll order a big hot fudge sundae just to mix it up a little.  Monica and I joke around on the air about the fact that if I do exercise, I will treat myself to ice cream when I'm finished.

So last night, Lori and I had dinner, went for a bike ride with the kids, came home and then drove to Cone Zone for some ice cream.  Then we came home and went for a one mile walk to burn off a few calories.

Everyone needs an incentive to exercise, mine is ice cream.  If I know I'm getting ice cream, that's my motivation to get off the couch, put my tennis shoes on and start walking for ice cream.