The marker in front of this cemetery reads - in part - "all but 20 of the 211 graves, most marked with slabs or tablets, date from the nineteenth century."

Johnson Cemetery north of Niles does not show up on maps, or will you find any info on it.....but that doesn't stop the spooky things that are happening there. John Johnson Sr. buried his son, John Jr., on this land back in 1835; in 1838 John Sr. donated the land to the area to be a public graveyard.

In the past years, some people have investigated at night, taking pictures, and discovering weird things. Now, I'm not a believer in orbs, as most of them are either bugs or dust particles floating past the camera lens....but a man who took nighttime pictures within the cemetery swears he has found something IN the orbs.

Aside from finding orbs with different colors, he loaded the pictures in his computer, zoomed in for a closer look and found faces inside some of the orbs. One had a face like a wolf; others had more than one face and multiple eyes; some looked like demons. He found two orbs rising from the ground, with skulls on top of human bodies. His pictures also revealed a face in the corner of a gravestone and a ghost by a tree.

Johnson Cemetery has been around since before the Civil War and contains the graves of some Civil War soldiers. If you drive by at a time of year when leaves aren't on the trees, you can see it fine from the road...otherwise, it's hard to see and many people drive right past, not knowing it's there. There are lots of old, old tombstones and the place is especially eerie at night...daytime too, for that matter. Peculiarly gloomy, any time of day.

Take Old US-31 north out of Niles until you get to the fork of M-140. Stay on Old 31 and the cemetery is on the right about a quarter mile, surrounded by woods. There is an Historical Marker in front so you shouldn't miss it. Take video, pictures and audio if you can. Let me know what you find! The gates are usually wide open, day & night and no hours are posted.

If you visit, treat the place with respect: do not vandalize, litter, make loud obnoxious noises or bother any closeby residents.

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