The game show “Jeopardy!" Has ticked off some Michiganders, thanks to possible inaccurate information.

On the September 26 episode of “Jeopardy!” there was a category titled “State of the Forest.” The answer was “Mackinac” and the question, “What is Michigan?”.

With that, the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce shot back to the “Jeopardizers” on their Facebook page saying, “We would like to let you know that we believe you were wrong!”

So what’s the problem?

The Chamber continued by saying, “To the best of our knowledge (we did some checking with the DNR today) there is no forest by the name of Mackinac. There is Mackinac Island State Park and Mackinaw State Forest. We invite your clue crew to explore the differences and similarities between Mackinaw and Mackinac. Thank you for your consideration of our concern. Sincerely, distressed chamber staff overthinking a game show.”

Staff members at “Jeopardy!” said they would “look into” any possible error, which is possibly just a misspelling. The only “Mackinaw” is Mackinaw City, while all the “Mackinac’s” are the bridge, county, and island.

The Chamber went on to say that the Hiawatha National Forest is often referred to as the Mackinac Wilderness. They also said they were contacted by “Jeopardy!” staff, who said they would be looking into the possible error. It’s possible they just spelled the word with a "C" instead of a W."

As a final note, there seems to be a ‘Mackinaw’ State Forest in the Lower Peninsula and a ‘Mackinac’ State Forest in the Upper Peninsula. Is this correct or is there an amount of incorrect spelling at the hands of mapmakers?

The debate and questions will continue, I'm sure.

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