Jennifer Lawrence is outspoken and hilarious, so obviously she's going to be an amazing 'Daily Show' guest. Especially when host Jon Stewart doesn't prepare for the interview!

'The Daily Show' was Lawrence's last stop in her massive 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' press tour, which means host Stewart had a lot of time to study the plot of the film. And, well, he didn't.

The pair had an unstructured and hilarious chat, beginning with Stewart telling Lawrence that he got a CNN breaking news alert when she infamously chopped off her coif. "Can you imagine getting your haircut and then finding out about it on the news? That was the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me," Lawrence said. "Terrorists in the Middle East know I got my hair cut!"

Stewart then confessed that he doesn't prepare for interviews at all, and Lawrence poked even more fun at him for it. "Your producers and everybody involved in this show, tells everyone. 'He's not really gonna know a lot about the movie, or a lot about you,'" she deadpanned. "Normally you have like a pre-interview and you go over like bullet points of things they really want to touch on. But it's like, 'No, no, no, we're just gonna -- you guys are just gonna talk, he's probably not gonna ask you anything about the movie, he might not ask you anything!'"

Later when Stewart pointed out that he knew the release date of 'Catching Fire' (yesterday, Nov. 22), Lawrence pointed to the TelePrompter and replied, "Yeah, I knew it too." Someone bottle this woman's essence, because she's amazing.