Jeff Daniels may not be the first celebrity you think of when you think Michigan, but save for Tim Allen and Pure Michigan campaign, no celebrity does a better job of promoting Michigan. Daniels makes Michigan things real and relatable. Things like losing, and the Detroit Lions. If it weren't Daniels, Michigan would simply be Ohio; and the Lions would be just another losing team. No, the Lions aren't the storied (prior to 2004) Boston Red Sox, or the Chicago Cubs, who went 108 years between World Series wins, (but then, isn't every team entitled to a bad century. Heck, the Lions are working on that right now.)

In the past few days, Daniels has been made several appearances on sports television, culminating with Sunday's appearance on the Fox NFL pre-game show, where he shared "The Silver and Honolulu Blues" (the Lions' team colors)

The song is from the perspective of a dying Detroit Lions fan. It mentions draft bust Joey Harrington, and 1950's Lions quarterback Bobby Layne, who may or may not have put a curse on the team, when he was traded away, after being a part of three Lions championship teams. (Let that sink in.)

"Oh, I loved my Detroit Lions,
Though they broke my heart in two,
Tell the Lord I’m singing the Silver Honolulu Blues"

This isn't Daniels' first foray into songs about Detroit sports, having sung "The Lifelong Tigers Fan Blues" about 15 years ago.

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