Okay, Jacksonians...what restaurants do you miss and wish they were still open? How many can you remember?

Bea's Drive-in
Burger Chef
Holly's Steak & 4
Bill Knapp's (of course)
Howard Johnson's
Quality Inn restaurant
Holiday Inn restaurant
Fairy Garden Chinese (went there often)
Chicken Inn
Tom's Grill
Viking Steak House
The Dome
Regent Cafe'
Brown Hut
The Downtown Big Boy (loved it!)
Clock Restaurant

Wow...I didn't realize there were so many! And yet, there are SO many more I didn't mention. Which ones can YOU recall that no longer exist? Mlive.com did a wonderful article featuring 20 former Jackson area restaurants, including some of the ones I mentioned above and others...you can read that article by CLICKING HERE.

After you read my list and mlive's...can you think of any others you frequented?