Those of us with children know what it's like to watch our children use their smartphones at all hours of the day or night.  What it all comes down to is when is the right time to give it a rest and set a smartphone deadline? 

Officials in a Japanese city are launching a campaign to ban children from using smartphones and mobile devices after 9p.m.  Children range is ages from six to 15.  Around 13,000 children will be banned from using the devices.  The figures, released by the Cabinet Office, found that schoolchildren aged between 10 and 17 were spending an average of 107.4 minutes a day on-line on their phones, with nearly 40 percent spending more than two hours a day on-line. 

Another reason for the ban is claims of bullying relating to a number of popular messaging apps.  The potentially harmful impact of heavy mobile phone use among children is an increasingly important issue for teachers, parents and government officials around the world.