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Do you remember the Jackson Wagon - manufactured in Jackson, Michigan in the 1800's? How about the Austin, Tomlinson & Webster Manufacturing Company that produced those wagons in Jackson and became the largest manufacturer in the world?

It all started in Jackson in 1842 and culminated in 1898 with more than 200 workers (120 of them prisoners) cranking out over 5,000 wagons.

One of these wagons was even used by P.T. Barnum for his circus, transporting Jumbo the Elephant.

Praised by U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant, the wagons eventually sold less & less, being replaced by the new-fangled automobiles in the early 1900's; the company eventually folded and the buildings were demolished around 1911.

This is an interesting piece of Jackson history that all Mid-Michiganians should read about.

Simply CLICK HERE, read more about the Jackson Wagon - and the building location - in an article from mlive that came out in 2010...and then pass it along to others.