United States Postal Service Reports Lost Of 2.3 Billion, As Its Delivering Fewer Packages
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Stealing mail is now a state crime in Michigan. Swiping another persons' package or mail is now not only a federal crime, but a state crime in Michigan.

If you get caught, and the chances are pretty good you will thanks to video doorbells and security cameras, your first offense could get you a year in jail and a $500 dollar fine, or both.

During a committee hearing on this matter earlier in the year, one lawmaker said that there were 17 thousand complaints of Amazon packages that were not received. With those numbers rising, the Governor who signed the legislation, hopes to put a stop to package theft, especially around the holidays.

A video on You Tube shows one man who has had enough. After packages were taken off his porch three different times, he came up with a plan.

A decoy package was placed on the porch, just waiting for a thief to steal it. They didn't have to wait long. Home security video shows the thief grabbing the box and running to his vehicle. What he did not know is that the package was booby trapped. 40 seconds after he garbed it and was in his car, the box, which was filled with dog poo, exploded all over him and the inside  of his car. It is hilarious.

Mail theft in Michigan is skyrocketing, and you can go to the U.S. Postal Service for help. They have several tips on what you  can do to not become a victim of the porch pirates.

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