The Roadhouse in Jackson is one of the area's favorite places to's been around for decades...and believed to be haunted.

Native Americans originally called that land home until the 1830's when the pioneers took it over. The area on which the Roadhouse sits was also a speakeasy where the mobsters would hang out and buy bootlegged liquor; it's said that one of these mobsters was killed, buried and still lies in the basement.

A psychic visited the Roadhouse to gather data but became too overwhelmed by some kind of 'presence' and split. Another psychic claims to have actually contacted and talked with the ghost of a man called Edward, who claims he was murdered by mobsters...maybe he's the one in the basement?

Employees and customers both claim to have experienced weird things:
1) Laughter and whistling has been heard coming from empty rooms.
2) People have been physically pushed, tickled & touched by an unseen presence.
3) An old piano that dates back to the early 1900's occasionally plays by itself. An employee caught an old woman playing the piano; upon speaking with her, the employee discovered the old woman had passed away but didn't realize she was dead!

To read more history on the Roadhouse, read mlive's excellent article by

Visit for yourself and ask an employee some of the stories. Maybe if you're there late enough, you'll experience something touching you, too.

The Roadhouse is located at 4112 Lansing Avenue in Jackson. Stop in...

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