The Cascades Falls in Jackson were renovated a while we don’t have to pay to see these famous colored falls…the walls that prevented non-payers from viewing and trespassing is now enjoyable for everyone to see.

They put on a pretty cool lights show every season and another season is upon us. Some evening, pack some food & drinks and head over to the Cascades and watch the falls and hear the music.

Naturally, most anyone from Jackson County has been there and knows what to expect...but there are plenty in the Mid-Michigan area who have not experienced the falls on a cool-warm summer night. So what's the holdup? It's a perfect place to go to spend a few hours...not expensive, not far from home, definitely enjoyable.

If you’d like to get a taste of what you’re missing, CLICK HERE to see a few videos of the colored falls set to music.

…then pack everyone in the car and get over there some evening!