Here's some pretty cool Michigan history.

The still shots in the above photo gallery are from a 1935 newsreel that has Chevrolet showing off it's new "Convertible Bus"...otherwise known as the Evans Auto-Railer...that rides on railroad tracks as well as the highway....and the location for this demonstration is Jackson, Michigan. The Auto-Railer was designed by the Evans Products Company of Plymouth, Michigan, and intended for commuters to drive the rails as well as the roads. This obviously didn't catch on, as there could've been numerous wrecks and traffic tie-ups, due to both the railroads AND commuter traffic attempting to use the railroad tracks. What were they thinking???

As you look through the photo gallery above, see if you can recognize these Jackson may be difficult, as these stills are over eighty years old!

This is a great historical find for anyone who hasn't seen this yet.

The photo gallery above allows you to study the pictures to decipher where in Jackson these locations are.

When you're though with the gallery,
check out the full-length, two-minute 1935 film below, complete with narration.


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