I'm sure many Jacksonians have seen this hour-long video...but then, I'm sure there are many who haven't. Either way, this is a GREAT video featuring - without a doubt - THE best conglomeration / collection of Jackson photos I have yet to see.

Lots of photos and picture postcards of Jackson in the 1800’s, turn of the century and into the mid-1900’s. This is very cool stuff, if you’re interested in Jackson history.

See the inventions, the horse-drawn buggies, buildings that still exist and businesses that don’t, mansions, homes, streets, hotels, amusement parks, schools, the old movie houses and more.

There are pictures here you probably have never seen before (again, unless you’ve seen this video before) and you will be pleasantly entertained.

This video is a little over an hour long, complete with narration from the old-timers showing it. Watch and please share with others...if you've already seen it, watch it again!



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