When a woman living in Jackson refused to allow a city contractor to mow her over grown lawn, the City stepped in with a search warrant.

The resident, Mary Wilson, argues that the vegetation in her back yard did not break the law.  Her neighbors and the City of Jackson disagreed.

A spokesman for the city said that this was the first time they had to get a court order, in order to mow a residents lawn.

Wilson loves he lawn, and says what's beautiful to her may not be beautiful to others....and apparently she was right.

Ms. Wilson says that her (overgrown) lawn is a 'supermarket' for birds and she goes through about 40 pounds of sunflower seeds a week.

The Jackson City Charter says residents can not have weeds, grass or rank vegetation higher than 8 inches, her measured as high as 20 inches.  So the city fired up the mower and took care of the situation.

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