Jackson is known as one of several cities that claim to have either invented or perfected the Coney Dog but, do not overlook the incredible selection of hamburgers available in Jackson, Michigan USA.

Donut Buns, Olives, Fried Pickles, Peanut Butter, Jelly...Jackson Puts Them All on It

The pure imagination these diners and bars have is incredible. They look in the pantry and think "How can I make peanut butter and jelly irresistible on a hamburger?", or "Has anyone ever put fried pickles on a burger?", or "Let me see that donut, I think it'll make a great bun".

There are also some burger purists in Jackson, no specialty burgers, just a good and greasy meal. Nothing fancy, just a hamburger that makes wax paper transparent if it sits in it long enough.

Here are the Top 5 Places to Get a Burger in Jackson, Michigan (in no particular order):

They Put All of Your Favorite Things From 4th Grade Together and Made a Burger

Chase Sports Bar via Facebook
Chase Sports Bar via Facebook

Restaurant: The Chase Sports Bar

Address: 105 E Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI

The Burger: The PB & J Burger: A half pound Angus grilled patty smothered in creamy peanut butter, jelly and topped with bacon. Ask for extra napkins and don't make eye contact with anyone while you're enjoying this fresh from the kitchen, this is not a takeout item.

The Verdict: The raspberry jam and peanut butter go surprising well with the grease and salt of the bacon and Angus Patty. Ask for extra napkins or just eat where no one can watch because this baby will have you making food noises.

Best Time for a Quick Meal: Chase has incredible lunch service so you'll be in and out in a reasonable time. Weekend evenings get a little packed, so if you're planning on bringing the kids, do it before 6pm on the weekends. ASK FOR EXTRA NAPKINS.

Head West for the Greasy Burger

West Point Lounge via Facebook
West Point Lounge via Facebook

Restaurant: West Point Lounge

Address: 1712 Spring Arbor Rd, Jackson, MI

The Burger: Classic and Simple Cheese burger with 1/3 pound of meat, grilled up SO you can feel the grease on your face before you even pick it up. If you're feeling really adventurous try the Mac n' Cheese Burger.

The Verdict: If you had a long Friday night and you need to recover on Saturday, go to West Point Lounge...or back to West Point if that's where your long night was. Bonus: the have piranha in a tank (no matter how many times you ask it's a pet, not a menu item).

Best Time for a Quick Meal: There really isn't a bad time for a quick meal at West Point Lounge. Parking can be tight so don't bring the Caddy.

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Smash That Burger, Then Give Me Ice Cream!

RJs Metropolitan Ice Cream via Facebook
RJs Metropolitan Ice Cream via Facebook

Restaurant: RJ's Metropolitan Ice Cream Co.

Address: 135 E Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI

The Burger: The Double Double with Bacon. A burger so good you'll get the meat sweats thinking about it. This smash style burger is best right off the grill and consumer sitting at the counter watching the cooks work their magic.

The Verdict: This isn't the fastest place at peak times but, it is well worth the wait. The décor is colorful and kids absolutely love this place. If you bring the kiddos be ready to get ice cream, because you can't take them to RJ's and not get dessert.

Best Time for a Quick Meal: This place is more about the experience than a quick in and out. Give yourself some time to enjoy.

You Did What to What and Put it On What?

Greystone Tavern via Facebook
Greystone Tavern via Facebook

Restaurant: Greystone Tavern

Address: 1008 Lansing Ave, Jackson, MI

The Burger: The Fried Pickle and Peanut Butter Burger. Just look at the picture...Fried pickle...peanut butter...burger. Taste explosion.

The Verdict: Parking is in the back and for newcomers and can be tricky to find because it at a very odd intersection. This is a neighborhood bar and it's a good group of neighbors. The Smokehouse Burger is good too.

Best Time for a Quick Meal: You can get a burger pretty quickly, but this is a fun place to have a couple of beverages with your meal. Maybe bring a DD.


Stack Those Patties Like They're Legos and Put It ALL ON THERE

Schlenkers via Facabook
Schlenkers via Facabook

Restaurant: Schlenker's

Address: 104 E Ganson St. Jackson, Michigan

The Burger: The Quad Bacon Olive Cheese Burger. It may not be on the menu, but that is what is pictured above. Take 4 quarter pound patties, stack with double cheese between every layer, and top it off with everything, including bacon and olives.

The Verdict: Schlenker's size is what makes it so amazing. Not the burgers. The diner itself.

Best Time for a Quick Meal: Anytime their open.

BONUS: Greystone's Smokehouse hamburger on a Hinkley Donut (a Jackson institution). If they are serving this when you go there alert everyone you know.

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