It is time!!!

Who is ready for fireworks season to be upon us?

The first big fireworks show of the year in Michigan is right around the corner.

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What Are The Ford Fireworks?

Every year, the Parade Company brings "one of the very best shows in America" to the Detroit area.

However this year, it will be bigger and better than ever!

The Ford Fireworks serve as the summer kickoff for Detroit's summer season.

This event is an annual fundraiser for the Parade Company! Thousand of business leaders and families come out for this event every year!

As of right now, information about road closures, parking, and transportation for the event will be available in the middle of June.

This event is so breathtaking that Ford Fireworks was nominated as one of America's Best Places To See Fireworks.

The public can vote every single day for the Ford Fireworks to win "Best Place To See Fireworks" until May 13th.

When Are The Ford Fireworks Happening In 2024?

The Parade Company is bringing its 66th edition of the Ford Fireworks on Monday, June 24th at 10 pm!

Want to hear something amazing?!

This fireworks show is FREE! No need to purchase tickets at all! Just simply show up!

For this year's show, the theme is "Color the Sky with Sunshine." You can view the fireworks 'color[ing] the sky with sunshine' from different downtown areas, including Hart Plaza and Belle Isle.

The Parade Company and Zambelli Fireworks say that the fireworks display will feature over 10,000 pyrotechnics that you can see for MILES plus music!

While the event is free, if you want to gain access to the best seats at the Rooftop Viewing Party, you can purchase them for $350 for adults and $125 for kids.

Michigan Firework Laws and Safety Suggestions

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison