So many stores and restaurants are announcing that they are closing in Michigan.

With the way the economy is right now, it is getting harder for local and international businesses to stay afloat.

What company is announcing its stores' closures effective immediately?

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What Retailer In Michigan Announced Bankruptcy?

If you are a fan of The Body Shop, your heart will be broken.

The Body Shop has officially shut down a lot of its in-person locations.

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In a news release that was sent out earlier this month, the UK-based company announced that they will be closing all United States locations, effective March 1st.

Besides the US locations, they are also closed 33 of its 105 Canadian stores as well, according to CNN.

What was the reasoning behind these closures?

"High inflation in recent years has hurt traditional retailers, particularly those like The Body Shop that predominantly operated out of malls and were aimed at the struggling middle class."

CNN were not able to get a comment from the company regarding the closures but if there are updates, we will make the information available.

Where Are The Body Shops In Michigan Located?

What does that mean for their online orders? As of now, I believe you will still be able to order The Body Shop products online if you live in the United States.

However, sadly, that will be the only way to do so for the foreseeable future.

You can read the full press release about The Body Shop closure.

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