Schools in Michigan could see a total ban on cell phones in the classroom if a bill currently being considered by Michigan legislators becomes law.

Cell Phones - a Major Distraction in Schools

Republican Representative Gary Eisen is the author of the bill. He sponsored it after speaking with teachers and educators who say kids are distracted by the devices and that they lead to bullying in school.

"A story that was told to me by a mom, says her daughter was 12 and got braces put on her teeth. She was eating lunch and having a hard time with her braces, making a mess," Eisen says. "In the meantime, someone is filming her, and then they are making comments and all this and sending it out to everyone in school."


Not All Educators in Agreement

Lakia Wilson-Lumpkins is a former teacher and is the current executive vice president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. She tells Detroit's WXYXZ-TV that a complete ban on cell phones simply isn't realistic.

"This bill is coming a little late because cell phones have been in classrooms for years now and because of that, we have all adapted different strategies to combat that distraction," Wilson-Lumpkins says. "We don't want to have a knee-jerk response. We really want to devote time to this issue because it affects all of us."

She goes on to say that some teachers have developed ways to incorporate cell phones into lessons because they are part of everyday life.

Parents Express Concerns About School Safety

In the video below, some parents express concern that a total ban on cell phones in schools could present safety concerns. During the Oxford school shooting last November, many students used cell phones to communicate with parents who were worried about their children's safety.

Don't Expect a Phone Ban Anytime Soon

Eisen's proposed ban has just been introduced and is yet to be voted on by the Michigan House and Senate.

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