Now I'm not one to make a fuss about polls and surveys, but let me be the first to say this one is completely wrong.

Michigan has been making some pretty impressive "Best Of" lists this year and rightfully so. From beaches, and towns, to experiences, Michigan has gotten some serious national attention. When it comes to things to do, I'd be pretty on point in saying there is plenty to do for everyone, but apparently, someone out there disagrees.

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According to a new article by Have Clothes, Will Travel, Michigan lacks excitement. The overall everything blog compiled a list of the "10 of the Most Boring States in America", and Michigan found itself someone among the victims.

According to the piece, Michigan joined 9 other states that just don't have what it takes to be interesting.

"Each of the 50 different and distinct United States states has particular attractions and features. But not every state is created equal, and some may be regarded as less intriguing or engaging than others. On an online platform, Americans recently shared their experiences of visiting the most unattractive and boring states."

Who are they calling unattractive? Apparently, they or those weighing in haven't visited Michigan when the colors are at full peak, or the snow is glistening across the horizon.

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Here's what the article said about Michigan and its lackluster excitement.

"Another American proposed that Michigan was a contender for the title of the most lackluster. They acknowledge that it’s a high bar to set. According to them, Michigan lacks the excitement and diversity of other states and is mostly known for its factories and automobile industry. They feel that Michigan doesn’t offer much natural beauty or cultural attractions, and even the Great Lakes, while impressive, can get monotonous after a while."

(Pause for a gasp and a few expletives.)

You can't argue with those that lack knowledge, and we KNOW different when it comes to our state and all it has to offer. We invite anyone and everyone to come and enjoy four seasons of fun, excitement, beauty, and all the badass amazement that Michigan has to offer.

By the way, Nebraska took the #1 spot. Check out the full list here. 

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