Burger enthusiasts, brace yourselves! If you thought you knew everything about gourmet burgers, think again. Grabbing a burger isn't usually a financial hit to the wallet, but you may need to take out a loan in this case.

Sure there are places you can score a burger for $5 and then there are those more elite spots where it may set you back $25 to even $100 if you're willing to shell out the cash. Prices like that are still doable for most Americans, but what if the price tag resembles the cost of a year in college?

Cheapism, our favorite site for unique and interesting lists, has found the most expensive burger in America, and the pricey patty is right here in Michigan. Mallie's Sports Grill in Southgate serves up a burger that will blow your mind, your diet, and your bank account, making it the most expensive in the United States.

Maillie's  2000 Pound Burger, and yes it is on the menu, is exactly that...2000 pounds of meat and is the World's Biggest Burger. With a burger that large comes a price tag to match and this one is hefty.

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How Much is the Most Expensive Burger in America?

To indulge in such a rare burger experience you'll have to fork out $20,000. Yes, you read that right. Here's what Cheapism had to say about America's most expensive burger:

"So, this burger is apparently 2,000 pounds. They’re going for Guinness on this one. It's unsurprising that this place also sells a more, uh, manageable $75 burger that weighs 10 pounds. My favorite part about this is that it says the $20,000 price tag is negotiable. What kinda wiggle room are we talking about here? I want to go in and offer them 20 bucks and see what they say. That would be quite the negotiation."


Mallie's Sports Grill has done the unthinkable: they’ve turned a humble burger into a symbol of luxury and indulgence. If the price tag and the size are a little bit intimidating, Mallie's also offers a selection of other great burgers to satisfy your hunger including a 2lb taco.

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