There's a beautiful home for sale in Lansing, and it just so happens to be right next door to Governor Gretchen's mansion.

A Couple of Important Disclaimers

Let's get two things out in the open, just for fun.

First, we're just showing you pictures of the house that's next door to the governor's mansion, we're not going to get into politics. You may love Big Gretch. You may have strong feelings against Michigan's current governor. We don't care. All of that is your business, right? Right.

And second, living next door to the governor and her family probably doesn't mean 'hanging out.' Let's say - theoretically - that you had $1.4 million lying around and you decided that the Potter House was perfect for you. The governor isn't going to 'pop over' for a chat or solicit your input on the state budget. You won't be borrowing tools from Dr. Marc or spending Sunday afternoons watching sports on TV.

A House With a Rich History

This historic home was built in 1926 and has had an important place in Lansing's history. According to the State Journal, the home has served as the home to three Catholic bishops and the Musser family, longtime owners of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

It was built for Sarah and Ray Potter who donated the land where the Potter Park Zoo is today.

About the Potter House

According to the Zillow listing, the massive home has six bedrooms and five bathrooms. There's a ballroom on the third floor, a separate apartment, and plenty of extras.

And did we mention it's right next door to the governor's mansion?

The Potter House - Right Next Door to the Governor's Mansion

An historic home in Michigan's capital has hit the market, and it just happens to be right next door to the governor's mansion.

The Potter House was built in 1926 for Sarah and Ray Potter, whose family were early settlers in Potterville and donated the land where the Potter Park Zoo was built.

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