We challenge anyone to deny that often the atmosphere of a restaurant adds to the whole dining experience just as much as the food itself does. Great decor, stunning views, and overall "curb" appeal inside make the restaurant a complete package and a top choice for diners.

Recently the style-savvy folks at People Magazine released a list of eye-catching restaurants around the country that not only tease the pallet but offer a visual delight as well for your dining pleasure. Their list of The 50 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America spotlights those eateries that take ambiance to a whole other level and "really show up in the design department".

People noted the list is in honor of PEOPLE’s 50th anniversary and their 2024 Beautiful Issue. The list is the result of the editors at OpenTable crowning 50 restaurants as the country’s most beautiful.

What is the Most Beautiful Restaurant in Michigan?

The dining scene just got a dazzling new crown jewel, and its name is Pao. Considered one of the best culinary experiences in Detroit, the unique supper club offers an incredible take on Asian Fusion cuisine.

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What caught the eye of Open Table and People was what so many love about the trendy downtown restaurant. Located on W. Adams Avenue in the former Michigan Oriental Theater, the restaurant embellishes true old world class.

"Original details from the 1920s-era Detroit building combine with a new mezzanine and glass garage-style doors", People wrote.


"Our architecturally stunning venue in the historic Michigan Oriental Theatre brings together the past and present', PAO notes. 



So, whether you seek a break from the mundane or simply wish to bask in the splendor of culinary artistry, allow Pao to be your guide through a realm where beauty and taste converge.

View the entire list of The 50 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America here. 

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