A Ludington woman recently shared her wild encounter with a UFO flying over Kent County.

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While traveling to West Bloomfield to visit family on Friday, Dec 8, Rhonda Hahn-Smith noticed something strange in the night sky as she drove with her son who was a passenger in the backseat. It was a moment that she says truly changed her life.

Hahn-Smith shared her encounter with the Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters Podcast Facebook Group and admitted she was new to the group and never believed in UFOs, aliens, or any such phenomena, until her extraordinary experience.


In her post on Facebook, she described what she witnessed in great detail. Below is her explanation of what happened on the night that she'll never forget.

Rhonda Hahn-Smith:

Here is my HONEST story and I hope to figure out what to do next from here:

Friday, December 8, 2023, at approximately 9 pm I was driving to the east side of the state on I-96, (my son was a passenger, in the seat behind me), so traveling east just getting around the Grand Rapids/Cascade exit, heading into Lowell area, when I noticed a very bright object falling from the sky, on the north side of highway coming in our direction. I thought at first it was a falling star, then I thought that I was witnessing Jesus coming back as it was getting closer because it was so bright. Then the closer it got towards us, we could see two bright lights on each side of this “thing” getting closer. I thought then it might have been an aircraft/plane/jet/helicopter because it was big and I thought it was going to land. As I’m getting closer, it’s NOT moving anymore and just HOVERING next to the highway on the north side. The two lights on each side of this were so bright and illuminated around it! There were NO wings, NO segmented pieces like drones. This was a round shape, a saucer!!! It was just hovering as I am now staring at it out of my driver’s side window. My son being a witness and watching also, says to me, “I can almost see in it”!!! There were other lights on the outer back circumference of it, opposite of the two white lights on each side in the front. If I were to compare it in size to anything, maybe 3 or 4 school buses combined, but in saucer shape, and it was maybe just a couple of football fields off the highway and maybe a couple of football fields up, just trying to put this into perspective for all to have a better sense of where it was to how close it was to us.

We were in such shock!!! My reaction was to get the hell out of there!!! I’m going about 75mph in the passing lane on the highway trying to comprehend what we both were looking at!! About a mile down the road I asked my son, please take a video if it’s still up there, please, after I was coming out of the initial shock. He kept telling me that he couldn’t, because he was frightened! I finally yelled PLEASE!!!

There is video footage but as you can imagine, it's very difficult to see anything. She was driving and her son was scared while trying to capture the video, so it's understandable. The photos and video are posted on the Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters Podcast Facebook Group page.

She Could See Inside the Craft

I talked with Rhonda about the incident. She says they were so close that they could see inside of the craft.

We were so close to this that through the windows we could see shadows moving. There was a box in the front on the inside. My son described it as a desk. Yet we couldn’t see lights on the “box” or from the inside, yet illuminated enough to see only glimpses/ shadows of the inside.

It's very obvious that whatever happened that night, shook her to her core.

She is currently in talks with a field investigator from MIMufon.

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