These EMU alumni are making bank!

Michigan has unleashed a lot of talent into the world. Every college and university across the state has produced some famous celebrities over the years and Eastern Michigan University is a great example. The Eagles on this list are raking in the dough nowadays.

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Eastern Michigan University was founded in 1849 as the Michigan State Normal School. EMU is one of the eight research universities in the Mitten and is located in Ypsilanti. Hundreds of Eastern Michigan Eagles have gone on to do great things and this list includes 11 famous alumni and what their net worth is today.

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 Below you'll find famous alumni from EMU with net worths ranging from $1 million all the way up to $5+ billion. Yes, that is billion with a "b." One of my favorite entries on the list is Ryan Drummond. Now that name may not sound familiar, but those my age would recognize his voice. Drummond provided the voice for the Sonic the Hedgehog video games for SEGA. Being the voice of Sonic, along with his other acting and voice acting roles gives Drummond a net worth of $85 million. I really should have gone into voice acting.

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Check out the list below and you'll find athletes, comedians, entrepreneurs, and more.

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