Facebook can be a great place.

You can use it as a place of meeting or camaraderie and chat with old friends, or make new ones. You can keep up with what's happening in your town. You can learn about fun events. And you even sell things that you no longer have a need for.

We all get rid of things we don't need at some pointing our lives, so you might as well try to recoup some of the losses if you can.

Michigan's Facebook Marketplace

We've sold some stuff on Facebook Marketplace before; a set of golf clubs, a dryer, and a microwave. Heck, we even sold my old Ford Focus. We've also bought stuff too. The furniture in our nursery is thanks to Facebook Marketplace. However, these commonplace items aren't the only thing you'll find in this social media garage sale.

Every once in a while you come across something for sale that's truly...weird.

Maybe it's the price that's odd. Maybe it's the item itself. But something about it is just weird. And that's what I've discovered.

Weird Things For Sale on Facebook Marketplace

I've doom scrolled through Michigan's Facebook Marketplace to find oddities for sale, and boy did Facebook deliver. Because you know you've got an odd set of items when the weirdest thing you find isn't the haunted dolls.

Take a look at the gallery below and check out some of the...interesting...things I've found for sale on Michigan's Facebook Marketplace. You might be surprised.

8 Weird Finds on Michigan’s Facebook Marketplace

You know it's an odd collection of items from Facebook Marketplace when the weirdest thing you find isn't haunted dolls. From interesting items for sale to ridiculous prices, check out some of the oddest things for sale on Michigan's Facebook Marketplace.

Unique Campers For Sale on Michigan's Facebook Marketplace

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