A lot of people think of Valentine's Day as the most romantic day on the calendar.

What could be more romantic than exchanging your vows with your significant other and actually getting married on Valentine's Day?

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So many things. Please, don't do it.

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We can think of at least four reasons that getting married on Valentine's Day isn't a great idea.

Don't Ruin the Holiday for Others

Sure, your wedding day is supposed to be all about you. But unless you're eloping, you're suddenly hijacking Valentine's Day for other people in your life too.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Do you think your bridesmaids really want to spend their whole Valentine's Day doting on you? There's a pretty good chance they would prefer to celebrate the holiday with their own significant other. Ditto with any and all the people you planned to invite to the wedding.

Future Anniversary Dinners

Married couples tend to enjoy going out for their anniversaries - maybe choosing a fancy restaurant to celebrate another year together.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Have you ever tried making dinner reservations for Valentine's Day? So what if it's your anniversary! Now you're fighting for a table with everyone else who just wants a romantic dinner with their sweetheart.

Smell the Roses, Moses!

Wanna buy your sweetie a dozen roses for your Valentine's anniversary? Congratulations, schmuck.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Valentine's Day is literally the most expensive time of the year to buy roses. It's simple supply-and-demand. Everybody wants roses at the same time, and guess what - they don't grow in most of America in the winter. They're having to be flown in from elsewhere, and all that costs more money. If you'd gotten married in the summer like a normal person, you wouldn't be taking out a second mortgage to fill that vase.

Don't Ruin the Holiday for Yourself!

Things may be all lovey-dovey now, but here's some real talk.

According to Forbes, that old adage is still true: half of all American marriages will end in divorce.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

If you get married on Valentine's Day and then end up being one of the statistics - you have forever tied February 14th to the memory of your ex. It's better to pick some random date like July 22nd or something that you won't have to associate with a "love" holiday.

You're welcome.

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