Michigan has some of the most unique sounding town names. There is a lot of Michigan history that involves the Indigenous Tribes and the French, so many town names are inspired by or derive from those sources. And then some Michigan town names are just so unique that even some Michiganders don't know how to pronounce them.

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But despite all those towns that definitely sound like they belong in Michigan, the Mitten State is still filled with towns that don't sound like they belong.

Think of it like this... these town names just sound like they belong somewhere else. I'm not talking about those basic town names that sound like they were named after the founding person, like "Mason" or "Adrian". Names that have nothing to do with Michigan.

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Here are some towns that sound like they don't belong in the Mitten State.

Atlanta, Michigan

When I hear Atlanta, the first Atlanta I'm thinking of is the on in Georgia. The town that's home to Coca Cola and really terrible traffic.

Bangor, Michigan

Bangor, Maine is what comes to mind, and not Bangor, Michigan. There's no where to get fresh lobster here.

Birmingham, Michigan

Birmingham just sounds like it belongs down south where the weather is constantly warmer.

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Brooklyn, Michigan

Brooklyn, Michigan is not the first one that comes to mind when I hear 'Brooklyn'. But, New York is.

Essexville, Michigan

Essexville doesn't even sound like it belongs in America, let alone Michigan. It sounds straight out of the United Kingdom.

Flat Rock, Michigan

Flat Rock sounds like it belongs out West, and not in the Midwest.

Iron Mountain, Michigan

Yes, Iron Mountain has a mountain. But Michigan, a 'mountain' state, I don't think so...

Nashville, Michigan

Nashville, Michigan may be home to an awesome ice cream place, but Nashville, Tennessee will be always be where my brain goes first.

Oxford, Michigan

Oxford is another town name that belongs across the pond.

Yale, Michigan

Yale makes me think of Yale University, and of course out east in Connecticut.

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