Traffic accidents happen every day all over Michigan.

However, there's one Michigan city in particular that seems to have more than its fair share of fender-benders - and there's data to back it up.

How Were the Most Dangerous Traffic Cities Determined?

Insurify - a website that consumers can use to compare auto insurance rates - pored through data it collected on more than four million insurance applications from all around the country to determine which American cities had the highest rates of drivers who had reported being in an accident over the course of the past 7 years. At-fault and no-fault accidents were both considered.

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Crash data was analyzed for all U.S. cities with populations of 50,000 or more, including 32 cities in Michigan. The city in each state that had the highest percentage of drivers who were at-fault in at least one accident in the last 7 years was named the traffic accident capital of that state.

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Michigan's Traffic Accident Capital

You might be inclined to assume that either Detroit or Grand Rapids would take honors of being the Traffic Accident Capital of Michigan, seeing as they're the two largest cities in the state. You'd be wrong.

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According to the data collected by Insurify, the honor of Traffic Accident Capital of Michigan goes to Kalamazoo. 7.54% of drivers in Kalamazoo have had an at-fault accident in the last seven years, while another 3.34% have been in a no-fault crash.

There's good news though, sort of. Every state in the nation has a city with worse rates than Michigan's.

Check out these national statistics, courtesy of Insurify:

On average, 9.98% of drivers across the U.S. have a prior at-fault accident on their driving record. 6.50% of drivers, meanwhile, have reported a no-fault accident in the past seven years.


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