Well, this is just sad. Literally.

A new study has been released ranking the happiest cities in America, and wouldn't you know it - a Michigan city comes in dead last.

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How Were America's Unhappiest Cities Determined?

WalletHub dove into data from more than 180 cities throughout the United States, looking at things like cities' emotional and physical wellbeing; income and employment statistics; and community and environment factors.

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Once they crunched all the numbers, one Michigan city stood out as worst in a variety of ways.

The Most Unhappy City in America

It's always disheartening to see Detroit show up on these worst-of lists, but here we are again.

Unfortunately, Detroit ranks at or near the bottom of the list compared to other U.S. cities when it comes to several things, according to WalletHub.

Detroit Teeters On Edge Of Bankruptcy
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One of the factors considered when it came to a city's emotional and physical wellbeing were its share of residents that participate in some sort of sports activity. Detroit is tied for third worst in the country in this regard, behind only Laredo, Texas (#2), and Hialeah, Florida (#1).

Another wellbeing factor is the share of residents who report getting seven or more hours of sleep per night. Unsure whether it's insomnia or the sound of gunshots, but Detroit residents get less sleep than any other city.

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Detroit's happiness quotient also took a hit by having the highest separation and divorce rate in the country. The angst that comes along with ending a relationship and then being alone often leads to at least a period of unhappiness.

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