School age kids in America go to school, on average, around 179 days out of the year.

I remember back in my day (haha, am I officially "old" now that I've said that?), there was always a good variety of hot lunch options that piqued my interests. Some of my favorites were the chicken Caesar wraps, Bosco sticks, and who could forget pizza Fridays?

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Even though the school offered plenty of variety when it comes to lunch choices, there were always the people who "brown-bagged" it and brought their lunches to school.

School Lunches in Michigan

Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! But I always wondered if those kids liked eating the same thing most days.

Seemed like a lot of sandwiches, chips, and the occasional sweet treat.

As it turns out, Michigan kids love those kinds of lunches!

Which States Have the Best School Lunches, According to Kids and Parents?

Crestline surveyed

parents and children across the U.S. to find which items are most commonly packed, how often parents are packing lunch, reasons behind packing lunch, which food items are kids’ favorites, and more.

When it comes to states with the most "kid-approved" lunch, Michigan ranks as number 12 with a total kid-approval score of 84.9 out of 100.

Some of the most common items that parents pack for their kids? Items one through five are fresh fruit, bread, chips, deli meat, and water. How does that stack up to the top five foods kids want? Kids want pizza, fresh fruit, juice, water, and cookies, in that order. Hey, at least fresh fruit and water are in common!

If you want to see how the other states stack up against Michigan, and see which states holds down the number one spot, click here.

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