Just how many major cities does Michigan have?

What Does it Take to Be Considered a 'Major City'?

To answer that question, we must first know the answer to the question, what does it take to qualify as a 'major city'?

Almost anything can qualify as a city in the state of Michigan. According to Census.gov, Michigan defines a city as having

Minimum population requirement of 750, except home-rule cities, which require a minimum population of 2,000 and a population density ≥ 500 people per square mile.

But a city has to have a much larger population than just 2,000 people to be considered 'major'. To qualify as a major city in Michigan it has to have a minimum population of 90,000.

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The latest census data from citypopulation.de and michigan-demographics.com tells us exactly how many cities in the Mitten State qualify as major.

How Many Major Cities Does Michigan Have?

All in all, Michigan has a grand total of 11 major cities. Check out what they are, what their population is, and which city falls where within that list of 11.

#11 - Macomb

Macomb has a total population of 91,418 people.

#10 - Livonia

Livonia has a total population of 94,928 people.

#9 - Canton Charter Township

Canton Charter Township has a total population of 98,251 people.

#8 - Clinton Charter Township

Clinton Charter Township has a total population of 100,107 people.

#7 - Dearborn

Dearborn has a total population of 108,414 people.

#6 - Lansing

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Lansing has a total population of 112,986 people.

#5 - Ann Arbor

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Ann Arbor has a total population of 122,216 people.

#4 Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights has a total population of 133,744 people.

#3 - Warren City

Warren has a total population of 138,588 people.

#2 - Grand Rapids

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Grand Rapids has a total population of 198,096 people.

#1 - Detroit

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Detroit has a total population of 636,787 people.

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