Thousands of people in Lansing spent much of their lunch hour without electricity on Tuesday, March 19.

Power was interrupted for as many as 26,000 Lansing Board of Water and Light customers from roughly 11:30am to 12:30pm.

Photo via ThinkStock
Photo via ThinkStock

Where Was the Lansing Power Outage?

According to the utility company, most of the customers affected by Tuesday's outage were concentrated around downtown Lansing. The LBWL Outage Map also indicated power failures in much of the southern part of the city as well, mainly north of Jolly Road.

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Areas around Moores Park and Frances Park were affected, as well as much of West Lansing. Most customers in the Old Town and Waverly areas were spared, as were those living or working on the East Side.

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The outage caused traffic lights to be out in many of the city's busiest intersections, and motorists were treating them as 4-way stops. Countless businesses and several schools in the vicinity were without power as well.

What Caused Tuesday's Power Outage in Lansing?

According to a social media post from the Lansing Board of Water & Light, equipment failure was to blame for the outage. No other specific details were offered.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

What to Do If Your Power Is Out

If you are an LBWL customer and are experiencing a power outage or downed line, the utility company asks that you contact this hotline number: 877-295-5001. You may also text "OUT/OUTAGE" to 898295 (TXTBWL) to report an outage, or "STAT/STATUS" to inquire about a status update.

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