Have you heard the rumor about Lansing's iconic West Meijer giraffe moving?

Check your calendar.

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The large-as-life giraffe has been perched atop the gas station canopy at the Meijer on West Saginaw Street in Lansing for decades. The Historical Society of Michigan recalls its origin this way:

A contractor for the Meijer on Lansing’s West Saginaw Highway accidentally ordered a giraffe way too big for the children’s playland inside the store. As a joke, the giraffe ended up on the gas station canopy, where it has mostly remained ever since.

Back in 2021, during a gas station remodel, the giraffe was temporarily removed for a couple of weeks and locals had a fit! A petition to return the giraffe to the roof had collected hundreds of signatures before its organizers learned that there were no plans to keep the giraffe away - that its absence would only be temporary.

West Lansing had breathed a collective sigh of relief about its beloved giraffe statue until this weekend when a social media post from downtown Lansing's Capital City Market announced that the giraffe had been moved to the top of its roof instead.

Photo via Facebook (Capital City Market)
Photo via Facebook (Capital City Market)

The post hit Facebook early the morning of Saturday, April 1st. Most residents quickly realized it was April Fools' Day, but it didn't seem to dawn on a few commenters right away.

Protests included:

Y’all just refuse to leave it right where it’s suppose to be! PUT IT BACK!!!!!


We didn’t ask for this!! Put him back on Saginaw neoowwwwwww!!


Omg this is gonna start a riot

Capital City Market confessed it was all a joke later that evening.

Rest easy, West Lansing. The giraffe isn't going anywhere.

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