Lansing is about to get another eatery opening soon.

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Lansing is no stranger to seeing restaurants open and close. It's always sad to see a business go, especially when patrons loved the business. That's what happened to Mr. Corned. Beef in Frandor.

Mr. Corned Beed, Like many restaurants, struggled during and after Covid. In August of 2022, Mr. Corned Beef closed abruptly. There was no announcement, just some signs taped to the door and their Facebook listing them as 'permanently closed'.

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Mr. Corned Beef did reopen shortly after in October 2022, however, closed shortly again there after.

New Restaurant Opening in the Old Mr. Corned Beef in Lansing

Since that space had be available, it's been purchased by a new sandwich shop that you might be familiar with; Jersey Mike's.

Jersey Mike's is a sub sandwich chain originating from New Jersey, and has since made its way to other states. Currently, there are a couple other Jersey Mike's locations in the greater Lansing area. One in Okemos at the intersection of Jolly and Okemos Roads. The other, on Lansing's west side on West Saginaw Highway.

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While there's a currently a sign in the window that indicates the Jersey Mike's is coming soon, there's no word on exactly when at this time. Even looking at the 'coming soon' portion of their website, it doesn't have the upcoming Frandor Lansing location listed.

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